Who’s Getting Hired – Beauty or the Beast?

Who’s Getting Hired – Beauty or the Beast?
Stop the press!!!! Hold the phones!!! You won’t believe what I am about to tell you. Attractive applicants get more opportunities to be interviewed and hired than their plain Jane competition. A shocking fact I know.
Of course this isn’t much of a mystery. Most of us already know this and there is plenty of research to prove it. Whether it is right, wrong, fair or unfair is not what this article is here to debate. Attractiveness plays a role when it comes to interviewing for a job and it is important that job applicants and hiring managers understand what this means to them.

First let’s look at a recent study that supports Beauty over the Beast. […]

Interview Karma – Treating Job Applicants with Respect

Is there a cost in having a bad interview process? Well if you are a follower of the Five Interviews system and have read my book The Right Hire you would know that the answer is a resounding YES! Every applicant that leaves your organization with a negative interview experience creates the incredible risk of damaging your company’s reputation not only with job seekers but also with customers.The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article titled The High Cost of Treating Job-Seekers Like Cattle written by Lauren Webber. The article discusses how HR professionals and Recruiters are often overwhelmed by mass amounts of resumes especially in a poor economy where job seekers are everywhere. Instead of treating applicants with respect, recruiters treat them like cattle. The article goes on to explain that applicants are often shuffled along in assembly line like fashion until one shining star is found to fill the position. The rest are left in the recruitment void wondering what happened to their application. […]