Five Interviews is based on my belief that anyone can interview and hire successfully. With over a decade of recruiting and human resources experience, I have successfully interviewed and hired for thousands of different jobs at every organizational level.Over my career I have witnessed too many hiring managers and recruiting professionals interview poorly and make terrible hiring decisions. For such a costly business decision I have always been amazed at how little people really know (or care) about interviewing effectively. I wanted to change the perception that interviewing is complicated and should only be done by professionals.

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Clark Glassford
Founder of Five Interviews

So I decided to put my skills to use and designed a product that would help business follow es learn how to conduct an interview. Using my years of success, I created an easy to five interview template system. This simple system, along with my book The Right Hire, will teach anyone to interview like a professional and provide the tools necessary to hire top talent.

I am passionate about interviewing by getting the best person for any job vacancy and I want share this passion with you. Interviewing does not have to be difficult. With the Five Interview system your interview confidence will grow and your business will thrive because you will hire the right person for the job. The Right Hire. The First Time. Every Time.

Five Interviews is an incredible product that will transform the way you hire for your businesses needs. With a satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Happy Interviewing!

Clark Glassford